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Upload a photo of your room and Dreamhouse AI will automatically generate interior designs from the photo of your room.

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Try out different styles and themes for your room to see how they look before you build.

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Empty Room? No Problem!

Want to imagine a red sofa in your empty room? Use our AI virtual staging brush 🖌 to fill furniture in according to your preferred design style, and then create new design inspiration from it.

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Your personal creative assistant

From home renovations to commercial projects. Dreamhouse AI is the perfect
AI-powered design assistant in your design process.

Home Renovation

Ideal for homeowners who want to redesign their rooms. With the ability to transform a single photo into a design, homeowners can easily experiment with different design ideas and visualize the end result before any work begins.

Real Estate Agencies

Real estate agents can use Dreamhouse AI to do virtual staging for any space, allowing potential home buyers to see the potential of a space.

Interior Designers & Architects

Visualize design ideas and communicate various designs effectively to your clients. Streamline your workflow and save time with Dreamhouse AI.

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